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Someone once wrote that there are three basic styles of writing. There is writing to inform (newspapers, textbooks). There is writing to entertain (fiction novels) and there is writing that is intended to persuade (speech writing). Of the three styles, the latter is far more difficult because the author has to be able to influence how the reader thinks and feels about a particular subject. There has to be a subtle yet compelling argument that leads the reader to a certain conclusion.

Almost all business plan writers do a reasonably good job of informing the reader and some even include a certain amount of fiction. It is the third category, however, that is almost always missing. A well-written business plan should tell a story with a logical flow of pertinent information that seamlessly moves the reader from one subject to another.

BPI excels at writing plans that cut through the ambiguity and focus on a core message. We have a thorough understanding of what investors are looking for in a business plan and we have developed a distinctive style and format that helps to showcase the critical information as effectively as possible.

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