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Writing a good business plan means a good deal more than just getting basic information on paper. An effective business plan is one that develops a persuasive argument where each of the individual components seamlessly moves to a logical conclusion. The plan must capture the interest of the reader and motivate them to move forward.
With our business plan tune-up service, a team of experts will go through your plan in detail and fill in missing pieces, add additional focus to key areas and generally improve the look, feel and readability of the plan. We will also edit and check for sentence structure, grammar, syntax, spelling, etc.

Our team of experts has written over 250 business plans and we bring a tremendous amount of experience and expertise to this process. The format, content, sequence and style that we use is the result of over five years of experience and a great deal of direct feedback from investors. Our writing is crisp and succinct and we make extensive use of graphics, photos tables, charts and highlighted copy.

Ask for before and after samples of our business plan tune-up service

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