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You already have a business plan but you know it can be improved. PBI offers an professional editing service where we will review your plan in detail and make recommended changes. We will also review your financial statements to make sure they are complete and that your revenue model is consistent with the information contained in your plan.

  • What do we look for when we review your business plan?
  • Have you clearly and concisely described the opportunity?
  • Have you quantified the market size, stage and key market drivers?
  • Does your plan clearly articulate what makes you business model different, better, unique?
  • Are your business strategies clear and concise and are they consistent with your business model?
  • Are your funding requirements adequate and realistic?
  • Have you acknowledged or footnoted your sources of information?
  • Will your marketing plan create adequate exposure and demand for your product?
  • Will your distribution channels adequately and cost effectively reach your target demographic?
  • Do you have research data to backup your market analysis?
  • Do you really understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors?
  • Have your established a level of confidence that you can meet your objectives?
  • Have you chosen a management team that is up to the task?
  • Does your plan flow and is there a natural progression from one section to the next?
  • Is your business plan compelling? Is there sufficient material and is it presented in
  • In a manner that will motivate a prospective investor
  • Are your financial projections a logical extension of your strategies?
  • Have you completed a five-year income statement and cash flow analysis
  • Are the financial statements reasonable, verifiable and well presented?
  • Are your financial statements consistent with the rest of your plan?

Ask for before and after samples of business plan analysis

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