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Plan Outline

Over the past five years, BPI has developed a well-deserved reputation for being on the leading edge of business plan writing, editing and review services. We also work very closely with many of the nation’s largest legal, accounting and consulting firms and in each case, we have earned the trust and confidence of these and other companies by consistently providing high quality business plans that are focused, succinct and on target. In addition to a very crisp, tight and direct writing style, our business plans are visually appealing due to our unique design and use of graphics, photos, graphs and charts.

Plan components include:

  • Executive Summary The Executive Summary communicates the market opportunity, the venture’s business model, and how the resources/skills/strategic positioning of the Company’s products / services and management team make it uniquely qualified to execute the plan. Also includes use of proceeds and key financial targets (tables).
  • Company Background A strategic overview of the Company origin, ownership, etc.
  • Market Analysis. An evaluation of the marketplace in which the Company competes including key market drivers, trends, etc.
  • Products & Services. An in-depth description and analysis of the Company’s products and services and relative positioning in the market.
  • Operations/Design and Development Plans. A top-level discussion of the Company’s internal strategies for product development, market analysis, operations and facilities, recruitment of key personnel, and customer service.
  • Marketing Plan. An exposition on the company’s strategy for penetrating its target markets. Key components include a description of the Company’s desired strategic positioning, descriptions of the Company’s desired image and branding strategy, an overview of the company’s pricing strategies, and a description of current and potential strategic marketing partnerships and alliances.
  • Management Team. The general descriptions of biographies of the key management personnel, organizational chart, management additions required to build the business, and information on investors, shareholders, the Company’s Board of Directors and its professional advisors.
  • Analysis of Competition. An analysis of the Company’s competitive landscape and key direct and indirect competition.
  • Financial Plan. The Company’s revenue and profitability model from year 2003 to year 2007. It includes an income statement, cash flow analysis, balance sheet and financial assumptions.

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